36 LB Fresh Grape Lugs

Order your fresh grapes and juice here, and pick them up right from our store.

For the discerning home brewer, Flying Fish Winery proudly imports the best quality fresh grapes and fresh grape juices you can find from California. Our whole grapes are shipped in 36 lb lugs (boxes) and our juices are shipped in 5 gallon pails or 45 gallon drums.

Grape varieties not listed or from other districts are sourced upon request. 1/2 ton bins are available at a reduced cost per pound. Contact us for pricing.

Quantities for grapes are limited this year mostly due to transportation issues. Finding refrigerated transportation for a partial truck has been next to impossible; therefore, we are only looking to bring in one full truck this year. This is why we are asking for you to get your orders for grapes and juices ASAP.

Orders for grape lugs must be received by August 15. We anticipate that orders will be filled mid-September.

Due to the high price of wood right now, wooden lugs will not be available this year. Everything will be coming in corrugated plastic cartons.

We are unfortunately not able to ship our products – they must be picked up locally at our store in Saanichton (near Victoria, BC, Canada).

Please note, all grape & juice prices are based on last year’s prices and are subject to change without notice.


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