Cali 12 Pure Juice Wines - 2023 Portfolio

Our 2023 Cali 12 Portfolio is here! Made with 100% unadulturated pure juice. 12 week small batch fermentation. The next level on your winemaking journey.

Wedding Wine & Beer

Add a personal touch to your reception with our specialty wine & beer packages. Packages include wines, production fees, corks, elegant foils, personalized image labels, taxes and bottles!

Festa Brew Beer Kits for Home Brewers

Now DIYers can take home the ultimate, all natural, no compromise craft beer kit! Includes fresh-pasteurized wort and brewer’s yeast.

Make Custom Labels

Create a personalized, lasting impression of your winemaking experience with our FREE label design software.

Vegan Wine

Flying Fish Winery is one of the few places where you can make vegan wines and ciders. Vegan wine is less common than you think!

Welcome to Flying Fish Winery

Nestled in the heart of the Saanich Peninsula, we are proud to be both locally and family owned and operated. Life is about passion, and we are passionate about what we do. It’s our pleasure to pass that love and passion into your finished products.

You won’t believe how good craft wine can be. If all your experience is with something your Uncle used to make decades ago, you’re in for a real surprise! Today’s craft wines are nothing like what your parents’ generation used to make back in the day.

When we say craft wine, we mean wine with a soul. We mean wine where every bottle tells its own individual story. Wine that doesn’t come from one of those winemaking conglomerates where nothing’s unique except the label. We mean wine that will awaken your passion and bring you back to Flying Fish Winery again and again.

Here at Flying Fish Winery, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box (and yes, we do mean that cheap wine box!) We want to share our love of wine and winemaking with you so you can feel the same sense of pride we do with every sip of craft wine you take. Whatever you’re looking for in a wine, beer, or cider… we can do it, and do it well!

Let us knock your socks off. No one leaves without a smile!

Wedding Packages

Add a personal touch to your wedding reception. Flying Fish Winery offers all-inclusive specialty packages of our delicious wines and beers.

Award-Winning Service

Our customers love us! 2019 Peninsula Review “Readers Choice” Award winners:

  • Best Place to Make Wine & Beer (5 years running)
  • Friendliest Service
    (5 years running)
  • 2nd Best Locally Owned Beer, Wine & Spirit Shop
  • 3rd Favourite Local Winery

Fresh Juice Wine

Our Cali 12 Collection wines are made from only 100% Pure Juice. We are the only on-premises winemaking shop specializing in small batch fermentation of pure juice wines.

Organic Barrel-Aged Wine Vinegars

Rich and refined with a distinct varietal wine flavor, Kimberley vinegars reflect the fertile soil and unique climate of California. Available to ship anywhere in Canada.

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