Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding Reception.

Celebrate your special day with a special wine. Talk to the experts at Flying Fish Winery to determine the perfect wine for your wedding. If wine isn’t your speed, our experts can help you choose the perfect cider or beer for the happy couple. Here at Flying Fish, it’s not just a matter of picking one from Column A, either. Our experts can tune your wedding wine, beer, or cider to match your palate or the theme of the event.

Everyone loves an open bar at weddings, except the person who has to pay for it. Making your own beer, cider, and  wine is not only affordable, but it also puts you in charge of your drinking budget. It’s a great way to avoid unpleasant surprises after the fact.

Make your wedding reception your own by adding a personal touch your wedding party won’t see anywhere else. Come to Flying Fish Winery for specialty packages of personalized wines and beers to commemorate your wedding. Your wedding is a celebration, so give everyone at your reception a reason to celebrate. Your own wedding wine in uniquely labeled bottles is just one way to make the day stand out.

Get a kit going now, and your wine will be ready to pour on your special day.

Wedding Wine Packages

Our wedding wine packages include wines, production fees, corks, elegant foils, personalized image labels, taxes and bottles! Choose from our 6 month wine package or our 3 month wine package.

10% volume discount if you purchase more than one package (includes beers and sparkling wines)!

Each Wine Package makes 6o – 75oml bottles (30 Bottles of red and 3o bottles of white).

Wine Timing

The one thing you really should do is get your order in well before the wedding. The absolute minimum amount of time you need to make wine is about a month: two weeks minimum fermentation time and another two to three weeks for aging. You can do that, but you shouldn’t. Good wine needs time to age into its flavour, and that takes a minimum of two months aging.

We strongly recommend at least three months to develop the flavour of the wine, and six months is even better. The best wine relies on Mother Nature, and she always takes her time.



Our reds are fermented on crushed, wet winery grape skins, resulting in a full bodied red and our whites use a varietal specific yeast to bring out the flavour of the grape.

Reds: Chilean Malbec, Chilean Merlot, Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, Australian Cabernet Shiraz.

Whites: Italian Pinot Grigio, South African Sauvignon Blanc, Chilean Chardonnay.

*Prices subject to change



Our reds are fermented on dried winery grape skins enhancing the flavour and bouquet of your wine. Our whites are sourced from leading vineyards and are a real treasure for white wine enthusiasts.

Reds: Chilean Malbec,Washington Merlot, Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, California Syrah.

Whites: Italian Pinot Grigio, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Australian Chardonnay, German Gewurztraminer.

*Prices subject to change

Wedding Bubbly Packages


Don’t forget the bubbles… Toast the happy couple!

German Riesling Gewürztraminer

Two of Germany’s most iconic varietals are combined to produce an exceptional wine. This Riesling Gewurztraminer blend offers apples, spice and a hint of minerals enticing the nose. Slightly off dry with perfectly balanced acidity, flavours of citrus, floral and honey linger gracefully on the palate.

Italian Pinot Grigio

This light-bodied refreshing white wine opens with citrus, floral and pear notes. An excellent harmony of fruit and acid create a crisp finish that reveals hints of citrus and green apple.

French Rosé

Made in the classic French rosé style: 100% red grapes, lightly macerated and quickly pressed. It’s this treatment that gives this robust and dry French rosé ripe, juicy flavors of strawberry, raspberry and citrus, with aromas of melon and strawberry leading to a crisp finish with a tiny touch of spiciness.

German Müller – Thurgau

Balanced towards fruit rather than structure, German Müller-Thurgau Style has aromas of sweet peaches, apples and blossoms, and is soft and easy drinking, with gentle minerality and the faintest hint of fresh ginger in the finish.

Cider Packages


Liven up your party with the refreshing taste of summer fruit! Our cider batches fill 65x355ml cider bottles. Price includes cider, production fees, caps, customized vinyl labels, taxes and bottles!

Choose from: Apple, Pear, Mango and Mixed Berry.

*Prices subject to change

Beer Packages


Choose from our beer selection to make sure all of your guests are taken care of! Our beer batches fill 65 domestic beer bottles. Price includes beer, production fees, caps, customized vinyl labels, taxes and bottles!

Choose from: Premium Lager, Mexican Cervesa, Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Red Ale and Pilsner.

*Prices subject to change

Don’t forget Wedding Favours!


Make your guests’ memories tangible with their own personal commemorative wine bottle. Add to your package with extra wine in 375ml bottles to give away as a memento of your special day. Add personalized labels for that special touch.

Ask us for details!

Life’s too short to drink bad wine…

…and that is one thing you won’t have to worry about when you make your wines with us!

We make wine the way nature intended: clean and simple. We proudly ferment your wines with minimal sulfites, and unlike the other guys, we don’t use clearing additives!

We cold-stabilize your wines in our large walk-in coolers. In addition to  mellowing out the sharp acidic tones you find in a lot of craft wines, this is also where they naturally drop their sediment. It’s just one more example of how our passion and attention to detail helps make your wedding one to remember for all the right reasons.

Wine making is not only a craft but also a science. That’s why we also use state of the art filter systems that won’t strip your wines of their colour, body, flavour and character.

Huge Selection

Don’t see what you are looking for? Have something specific in mind?

Don’t worry!

We have hundreds of wines to choose from. At Flying Fish you are sure to find something to suit everyone’s tastes and pocketbooks. Talk to our wine experts today!


Quality Guarantee

You are going to love your wines, ciders and beers.

We guarantee it!


Client Responsibilities

In order to conform to provincial liquor laws, all our clients must come in personally to purchase and start their batches of wine and beer. We take care of all the nitty-gritty details in-between so you don’t have to. You return when your product is ready for bottling and fill, cork, and decorate your bottles! It’s a great way to help your wedding party connect with each other before the big day!