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Luxury red wine

It all begins in Lodi Valley, a stunning wine region in the Central Valley of California. Lodi Valley is known as The Zinfandel Capital of the World. They have cool, wet winters and dry, very hot summers. The grapes coming from this area make beautifully balanced, luscious red wines.

Once the grapes are grown and picked in early October, they are loaded and shipped directly to our shop. Once here, they are crushed, de-stemmed, and fermented into the most exquisite wine you will ever experience. Using a secondary fermentation process allows the wines to build their character and find their balance and smooth out.

These wines are rich, soulful and fulfilling. They will be ready to be put into bottles the following spring, then taken to your home, and laid to aged for 1-5 years.

This year we are featuring 3 fabulous wines. Each batch of 30 bottles is 285.00.

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Flying Fish Old Vine Zinfandel

This dark ruby Lodi Valley classic opens with a bouquet of black currant, blackberries and black pepper with a hint of warming spices. It is beautifully balanced with a hints of French oak and medium-firm tannins. It continues to develop over a medium-long finish with jammy flavours of dark fruits, figs and spice cake.

This is the wine we are known for!

Flying Fish Trinity

The inviting ruby colour invites the nose to enjoy the subdued spiciness of anise and sage offered by the Merlot, the floral notes of violets from the Cabernet Sauvignon, and the vegetative notes provided by the Tempranillo. The balance is dry with a good tannin structure and it finishes with long, clean, fruit-forward flavours.

These 3 grape varietals work together to create a perfect dance where the aromas carry through to the palate. This wine is well integrated and will continue to develop and improve for 5 years.

Pair with rich foods.

Flying Fish Meritage

This is a food lovers wine. Big, bold and full-bodied. Complex aromas of black currant, bing cherry, chocolate and coconut, followed by cinnamon and fruitcake spices. It is dry and well balanced with mature and firm tannins. Flavours of bright-red cherries and plums lead to a long harmonious finish, leaving you wanting more. Velvety in the mouth yet delivers robust multi-layered flavours on the palate.

This is not a wine for amateurs. This is a seductress on the hunt. Best aged, if you can wait!

Pairs perfectly with grilled foods. Flash up the BBQ and enjoy!