Cali 12 Collection

Welcome to next level of your winemaking experience: our Cali 12 Collection.

Our updated 2022/2023 Cali 12 Lineup is here!

Enjoy wines made from 100% unadulterated pure juice through a 12 week small batch fermentation process.

We proudly import only the finest wine juices from California’s Central Valley. Our Cali 12 Collection California wines are made with no adulterants or added chemicals so all you get is the natural goodness of California grapes. These fresh juices, sourced from various local grape growers, are cold pressed using state-of-the-art equipment and then shipped directly to us from the leading supplier of winery grade wine grape juices in that region. Combine that with the fact that Flying Fish Winery is the only on premises winemaking shop on the island specializing in small batch fermentations of fresh juice wines, and you end up with something truly special.

Each batch gives you 30 – 750ml bottles and takes roughly 12 weeks from start to finish. Please remember: these wines are not made from kits, and therefore can take longer to ferment out properly. You can’t rush perfection! We promise your wine will be worth the wait.

All wines benefit from being given time to age, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of these California wines when fresh. Let us help you discover your next experience in winemaking.


Classic Chardonnay

This beautiful wine opens with hints of apple and apricot, finishing with toasted coconut lingering on the palate. Aged on French oak to showcase its old world character.

Buttery Chardonnay

Oozing with tropical fruit, pears, creamy vanilla and honey. This big, showstopper wine has a soft, round, buttery mouthfeel, with perfectly balanced acidity. Perfect for the “I only drink red” wine lover. Malolactic fermented. Aged on American oak.

Fumé Blanc

Our version of the classic, made popular by the great Robert Mondavi, is a rounder, richer version of a Sauvignon Blanc. With flavours of melon and pineapple and a slight toasted finish. Aged on French oak, just like in the Loire Valley.


Off dry and citrusy, this beloved wine is perfectly balanced with lychee and tropical fruit tones. Aromatic and spicy, a crowd pleaser for sure. Fermented with elderflowers. Unoaked.

Sauvignon Blanc

Tropical and floral, our version has hints of pineapple, peach and gooseberry. Balanced acidity and passionfruit on the finish. Summer in a glass. Unoaked.



Cabernet Sauvignon

This full bodied powerhouse of a wine has cassis and black cherry notes with a warm spice undertone. Firm tannins, medium acidity. Malolactic fermented. Aged on American oak.


This medium bodied popular wine has fruity dark plum, black cherry and vanilla tones. Soft tannins and low acidity. Malolactic fermented. Aged on French oak.

Mixed Black

A balanced, medium bodied blend of Merlot, Barbera and Ruby Cabernet. Notes of berries, plums, baking spice and vanilla make this wine sing. Medium acidity and balanced tannins. Malolactic fermented. Aged on American oak.

Pinot Noir

This lighter in colour red is medium bodied with red cherries and raspberries on the nose and palate. Typical of its character, with earthy notes of forest floor, vanilla and spice. Hailing from California’s coastal region. Malolactic fermented. Aged on French oak.


Soft and full bodied all at the same time. Jammy and peppery with dark plum and berries. Hints of cocoa and tobacco linger, with a medium finish. Balanced tannins and acidity. Malolactic fermented. Aged on French oak.

As Good As It Gets

Grape juice isn’t your only option. We also import whole grapes every year for natural fruit fermentation.. Made from 100% whole grapes, these wines have a jammy, juicy mouthfeel. You can choose between popular varietals and specialty grapes. These wines will knock your socks off!

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