Cali 12 Collection

Welcome to next level of your winemaking experience: our Cali 12 Collection.

Enjoy wines made from 100% unadulterated pure juice through a 12 week small batch fermentation process.

We proudly import only the finest wine juices from California’s Central Valley. Our Cali 12 Collection California wines are made with no adulterants or added chemicals so all you get is the natural goodness of California grapes. These fresh juices, sourced from various local grape growers, are cold pressed using state-of-the-art equipment and then shipped directly to us from the leading supplier of winery grade wine grape juices in that region. Combine that with the fact that Flying Fish Winery is the only on premises winemaking shop on the island specializing in small batch fermentations of fresh juice wines, and you end up with something truly special.

Each batch gives you 30 – 750ml bottles and takes roughly 12 weeks from start to finish. Please remember: these wines are not made from kits, and therefore can take longer to ferment out properly. You can’t rush perfection! We promise your wine will be worth the wait.

All wines benefit from being given time to age, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of these California wines when fresh. Let us help you discover your next experience in winemaking.

As Good As It Gets

Grape juice isn’t your only option. We also import whole grapes every year for natural fruit fermentation.. Made from 100% whole grapes, these wines have a jammy, juicy mouthfeel. You can choose between popular varietals and specialty grapes. These wines will knock your socks off!

Annual pre-orders begin in late July and early August. 

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Whites & Blushes – $213.00


A stunning medium bodied white full of tropical fruit, figs and apples. Toasted oak gives this wine a buttery body and creaminess; you can increase the amount of body with more oak.


Chardonnay’s lighter sister brings hints of tropical fruit with lime zest and floral undertones to the table. This dry white makes for an excellent everyday drinking wine.

Chenin Blanc

This pleasant medium to light bodied wine flavours the pallet with pear, apple and herbal honey. It can be enjoyed whether dry or off dry.

French Colombard

This fun and fruity table wine is a great introductory wine. Light and lively and slightly oaked it’s a summertime favourite.


This off-dry citrusy wine is perfectly balanced with lychee and tropical fruit tones. The floral spiciness draws wine lovers from all tastes back to this popular favourite.


Commonly enjoyed either dry or off dry; this wine has hints of minerality and green apple. It’s delightfully crisp and satisfying.


This sweet smelling floral wine is light to medium bodied with citrus and honey lingering on the palate. Enjoyed sweet and dry.


This wine is light to medium bodied with lemony undertones. A nicely balanced wine with a lingering earthy almond finish.

Pinot Grigio

This popular white is medium bodied with slight tropical spices and fruits.

Sauvignon Blanc

Crisp, dry and floral, this amazing medium bodied white has melon and passionfruit finishes.


This wine is full bodied with a soft character. Beautifully balanced with white peachiness and pear tones and a mineral finish.

Grenache Blush

This medium to full bodied ruby rosé is heavier than its cousin white zinfandel. In terms of the palate, it is full of flavour and best served off dry with a profile dominated by purple plum and red berry.

Zinfandel Blush

Also known as white zinfandel, this medium bodied rosé offers a taste of summer berries that linger on the palate with a smooth refreshing finish.


Reds – $213.00


One of the few red fleshed grapes, this wine is one of the darkest and driest to grace your palate. Think dark pit fruits meet dark toasted oak. Slightly peppery and full bodied; it’s an excellent wine for blending.


A medium to full bodied, dry deep coloured red with a blackberry, tart cherry and liquorice bouquet.

Cabernet Sauvignon

One of the most popular reds, this one is sure to please all wine drinkers. Full bodied with cassis and black cherry notes as well as a warming spice undertone.


A predominantly Sangiovese based blend, this medium-bodied dry red has aromas of pit fruit and leather. Lovely as a table wine.


One of the most loved wines in the world, this medium bodied red has characteristics of red and pit fruit with hints of cocoa and vanilla.

Mixed Black

A balanced blend of Ruby Cabernet, Merlot and Barbera; it is medium bodied with a bouquet of berries, spice, vanilla.

Petite Sirah

A spicy plum aroma greets the nose as this soft deep coloured wine hits the palate; lingering elements of black fruit finish the experience.

Pinot Noir

Light coloured and light bodied in character, this wine is red fruit forward with a slightly earthy, floral aroma.

Premium Burgundy

Pinot Noir is the dominant grape in this wine; blended with Gamay; it is a fruity medium-bodied dry wine.

Ruby Cabernet

With it’s beautiful ruby colour this wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan; brimming with fresh berry flavours.


Fresh and fruity with toasted oak, this earthy red is widely popular in Europe. The aromas of cherry and spice dominate this full bodied dry red.


A soft yet full bodied classic red. It’s jammy with peppery dark plum and berry finishes along with lingering hints of cocoa and tobacco.


Robust, rich and assertive; Zinfandel carries forward flavours of dark fruits, dried fruits, and warming spices. It’s medium bodied and full of flavour.