We want to let you know how much we appreciate the cider we’ve made with you these past few years. However, perhaps more importantly we’ve shared your cider with a few “cider aficionados” and have been very pleased with the response.

Our son lived in the UK for 4.5 years and developed a taste for the various ciders there. One of our sons closest friends lives here in Victoria now, but grew up in the UK. Both of them feel that the cider we’ve made with you is the best cider they’ve had this side of the pond.

We’ve had two couples from the UK visit us in the past couple of years, one from Stratford-Upon-Avon and another couple from the Yorkshire Dales. Though they enjoyed the local micro-brewery beer, once they tried your cider there was no going back for either couple.

Thanks for a great product!

Brenda & Neil West

Best wine I’ve ever had, amazing service. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to purchase or make wine or beer!

Alanna Webster

Just bottled 30 bottles of red wine for our second time. @flyingfish.winery is so helpful, friendly and local. #shoplocal and with the Coronavirus they provide lots of social distancing by having solo appts just for you to bottle your wine. If you have fruit in your yard you don’t know what to do with come and brew some cider or do like we did and brew our own white wine from our grapes. I can’t recommend these guys more. What better way to stock up for the long haul!

Robin Howe

The first thing that impressed me was the friendly helpful staff. Derek and Melanie go the extra mile for their customers. A big thank you to everyone at Flying Fish!

Tammy Marcoux

Melanie, Derek and staff bend over backwards to make you feel welcome and help make your experience awesome! Only the best! Best service! Best product selections!

Diane Kemp

This is one of my ‘happy places’! They are friendly beyond measure and the wine is amazing! I just tried some Mexican cervesa and it was, by far, the best ‘home brew’ I’ve ever had!!! Absolutely love Flying Fish Winery!!!!

Ginny Murray