Fresh Fruit Production

Wines, Ciders and Ports – Made from Your Own Fruit!

Fruit Processing at Flying Fish WineryDon’t limit yourself to just grapes – making wine from other fruit is just as easy! The basic process is the same: crush the fruit into juice and then add yeast to ferment. For the very best results we recommend that you use fresh fruit, but you can make perfectly good beverages with frozen fruit as well.

All products are professionally balanced and are completely customizable. Whether you are making wine, cider, beer, port, or even sparkling wine, we can turn your harvest into something special.


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When people think about making wine, the image that normally comes into their heads is one of adding yeast to grape juice. Some of the more adventurous crush their own grapes, but it’s still the same story. At Flying Fish, we give you other options – like helping you turn your fruit into wine. Many people think that grapes are for wine and the only other thing you can do is turn fruit into cider. Nothing could be further from the truth! Here at Flying Fish, we can supply everything you need for fresh fruit wine making except the fruit – that’s your department.

Let other people turn their fruit into jams or jellies, or worse yet let it go to waste. Bring yours to Flying Fish and turn it into wine, cider, or even port. Whether you want a sweet wine or prefer something dryer, we can help you get the sugar and alcohol content to match your palate.

As a fresh fruit u-brew, Flying Fish Winery can handle both fresh and frozen fruit so you don’t have to limit yourself to what’s in season. Our standard fermentations yield 23 litres of product. The sizes of bottles you choose will determine the number of bottles you will need. Depending on the fruit involved you may need anywhere from 40 to 100 pounds per batch. You can also add any fruit to your apple and pear cider for a fun twist; ask us for ratios!

Fruit Amounts & Pricing

Apples/Pears Cider/Wine 100 picked hard,
not frozen,
no leaves
Berries Cider/Wine 40 fresh or frozen $184.99
Grapes Cider/Wine 100 w/ or w/o stems $184.99
Kiwi Cider/Wine 40 stems removed $184.99
Pineapple / Mango Cider/Wine 40 whole/ripe; if frozen cut into chunks $184.99
Pit Fruit Cider/Wine 40 remove pits (peaches only); no leaves/twigs $184.99
Quince Cider/Wine 50 fresh: ripe, no leaves
frozen: cut into chunks
Rhubarb Cider/Wine 40 cut up into 1-2″
Bring Your Own Juice Cider 24 litre
Wine 24 litres
Port 24 litres
fresh or frozen $139.99

You can also turn your fruits into port style wines, starting at $224.99.

Sparkle any fruit wine for $20.00.

Only have enough fruit for half a batch? Don’t see your fruit on the list?

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  • Wine & Port Prices Include Corks, Labels and Shrink Caps.
  • Sparkling Wine Prices Include Carbonation, Corks, Cages, Labels, Foils.
  • Cider Prices Include Carbonation, Caps and Labels
  • PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE BOTTLES – we have a large assortment of re-usable bottles to choose from.
  • 23 Litres Yield: 30 – 750 ml bottles, 36 – 650ml bottles (bombers) OR 46- 500ml bottles.
  • Fun things you may want to add to your fermentation process: fresh ginger, vanilla extract or beans, hops (fresh or dried), citrus, edible flowers, herbs, oak, brandy or other liqueurs, spices.
  • You can also bring in a variety of different fruits and create your own blends!
  • Need a fruit crusher? Click here

We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box!


  • Frozen Apple and Pears

  • Mouldy Fruit

  • Muddy / Dirty Fruit

  • Windfalls

  • Fruit with stickers still on

  • Empty Boxes, Containers and Plastic Bags