February 2022 Newsletter

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February Newsletter

Hello February!

Check out our RJ Spagnols Craft Wine Specials!
We have lots of fabulous selections to choose from! It’s time to start thinking about your spring and summer wines and we have some fabulous ones to choose from!

We have a new wine available this month… 
La Zambra!  This unique, spectacular, and ancient Spanish performance is rooted in many cultures, yet has survived against all odds in Spain. La Zambra’s Monastrell will seduce you, and fan your passion with its ruby flush, and earthy flavours. La Zambra is set to enthrall – to charm at every celebration, striking perfect harmony with an intensity that cannot be denied – ¡Olé!
This wine is from the RQ 2022 Line-Up. Unless you Pre-Ordered in the fall of 2021, they are available in very limited quantities. Contact us to reserve yours now!

Cali 12 Collection
Our Cali 12 Collection continues to be available, however transportation continues to be difficult, both with co-ordination and pricing, this means the juices are taking longer to arrive, therefore increasing the time before they are ready to bottle.  Thank you for your patience!

Pricing Update! Stock up NOW!
It’s crazy times…. This industry along with many others is experiencing drastically higher pricing on all fronts including craft wine kits, ingredients, glass,  plastic, cork and shipping. As of March 1, 2022 we will be increasing our pricing. Thank you for your continued support in these challenging times.

Sneak Peak!
Goji Berry Tea Temptation is launching in March!

This new wine cooler features tangy superfood goji berries and tantalizing flavours of ripe and juicy blackberries, soothing herbal notes of black tea making this rosé a daring little sipper. See more information below!

Ready to tantalize your tastebuds?
Check out the barrel aged, un-pasteurized organic wine vinegars we are stocking! These vinegars are barrel aged for a minimum of 12 months using the time honoured Orleans method developed during the Middle Ages in France. Excellent for making a refreshing and healthful probiotic-rich beverage. These are the BEST vinegars you have ever tasted! They are flying off the shelves and getting rave reviews! Five to try! See all the flavours we stock below!
Ask us for a sample next time you are in! 

We are all looking forward to seeing you soon!

Stay Healthy, Happy & Hydrated!!


various wines in glasses check out what's on special this month
February Specials Available 1 – 26th.
white wine in glass
Ontario Sauvignon Blanc
Straw in colour with a refreshing grassy nose; bold herbal tones and fresh citrus flavours on the palate.This wine is as delightful as a cool Ontario Fall day, its finish both long and fruity.

From the Cru International Line.
Ready to bottle in 5 weeks.

SALE: 154.99
reg: 170.24

California Chardonnay
Captivating flavours of green apple and tropical fruit enhance an upfront floral bouquet as is expected by the finest California Chardonnays. It will develop to reveal layers of ripe fruit and integrated oak.From the Cru International Line.
Ready to bottle in 5 weeks.

SALE: 156.99
reg: 172.24

Pinot Grigio
A typical dry Pinot Grigio style, this wine boasts aromas of tart green apple with crisp citrus and honey flavours.From the Heritage Estates Line.
Ready to bottle in 4 weeks.

SALE: 124.99
reg: 140.24

California Cabernet Sauvignon
Californian Cabernet Sauvignon tends to be more fruit-forward with a nice balance of both tannins and juicy flavours, making it a sensational food wine.From the Cru International Line.
Ready to bottle in 6 weeks.

SALE: 157.99
reg: 173.24

Italy Sangiovese
Perhaps Italy’s best loved grape from Tuscany, this wine is expressive on the palate with lively cherry fruit and a brisk acidity supported by ample smooth tannins with a deep and lingering finish.From the Cru International Line.
Ready to bottle in 6 weeks.

SALE: 164.99
reg: 180.24

Pinot Noir
A dry and light-bodied wine with crisp acidity and very little tannin; plenty of fruit flavour with some cherry and red berry notes.From the Heritage Estates Line.
Ready to bottle in 4 weeks.

SALE: 127.99
reg: 143.24

The First Three Wines in this Fabulous Line-Up
Now Available!

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La Zambra

Release Date: February 2022

Tasting Notes:

Fragrant aromas of black cherry and candied fruit are present in this medium-bodied, dry wine, with an earthy, and herbaceous finish.

Food Pairings:

Perfect with grilled Spanish chorizo, migas, and aged cheese like manchego, or iberico.

Ready to bottle in 9 weeks
Only limited quantities available!

La Cueca
Sauvignon Blanc
Release Date: January 2022ONLY 4 LEFT!

Tasting Notes:
A fresh, lively wine with beautiful floral, and grassy aromas – its undertones of peach, and other stone fruits, provide a delicious mouth-feel with a refreshing finish.

Food Pairings:
Complements seafood dishes like sea bass ceviche, or a pastel de jaiba crab pie, and Chilean- style chicken corn pie.

Ready to bottle in 8 weeks

El Tango
Malbec Bonarda Syrah
Release Date: January 2022ONLY 6 LEFT!

Tasting Notes:
The dry, medium-body boasts intense aromas of red currants, black raspberries, hints of oak, and pepper spice, with rounded tannins and a toasted vanilla finish.

Food Pairings:
Try it with grilled flank steak and traditional Asado chimichurri sauce, Argentinian beef empanadas, and roasted or grilled vegetables.

Ready to bottle in 9 weeks

Cali 12 Collection logo
Wines made with 100% Unadulterated, Pure Juice.
12 week fermentation.
The next level of your winemaking experience.
reg. 220.00 – 226.00
made on premises

We are currently accepting Pre-Orders for the 2021 Cali 12 Collection wines.  This year, we have added hand-pressed Lodi Valley grape skins to our red wines, giving them more body and mouthfeel.


Cabernet Sauvignon
Mixed Black
Pinot Noir
Premium Burgundy
Ruby Cabernet
Old Vine Zinfandel
*Our reds are fermented on Lodi Valley grape skins and undergo a Malolactic Fermentation.

Whites & Blushes:

Chardonnay (Classic)
Chardonnay (Buttery)
Chenin Blanc
French Columbard
Fumé Blanc
Johannisberg Riesling
Malvasia Bianca
Sauvignon Blanc
Grenache Blush
Zinfandel Blush

Click Here To See The Winemaker’s Tasting Notes
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Goji Berry Tea Temptation

Release Date: March 2022

This charming new limited release Orchard Breezin’ Goji Berry Tea Temptation features tantalizing flavours of ripe and juicy blackberries, tangy superfood goji berries and soothing herbal notes of black tea making this rosé a daring little sipper. Perfectly timed for spring’s awakening, and ready to drink in just 4 weeks!

Pair it with a fresh quinoa salad, a robust charcuterie or a zesty lemon salmon pasta. Your taste buds won’t be disappointed.

Ready to bottle in 4 weeks

Have You Tried our Kimberley Wine Vinegars?

California wines from the Alexander family winery or local vintners are used to handcraft Kimberley’s one-of-a-kind vinegars. Using the time-honored Orleans process developed during the Middle Ages in France, the vinegar matures slowly and naturally for a minimum of 12 months in oak barrels. Rich and refined with a distinct varietal wine flavor, Kimberley vinegars reflect the fertile soil and unique climate of California. They are unpasteurized (to preserve the vinegar’s subtle taste characteristics) and preservative-free.

Balsamic Wine Vinegar

Trained by artisanal vinegar makers in the traditional style, owner Tom Alexander has been crafting Kimberley Balsamic vinegar at his facility since 2000. Using a combination of Kimberley vinegar and grape must (unfermented grape juice), the vinegar is aged in wood barrels for five years. Kimberley Balsamic has a plumy, sweet taste with just the right amount of tang. Sprinkle on green salads, steamed vegetables and grains; drizzle on aged cheeses and seasonal fruits; add to meat dishes and sauces.


Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Vinegar

Complex and full-bodied, award-winning Kimberley Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar is made with California wines from the Alexander family winery. Aged in oak barrels, our handcrafted vinegars are USDA Certified Organic. Use this ruby-red vinegar for dressing hearty salad greens, such as romaine, endive and radicchio, in red pasta sauce and beef stew, and for pan deglazing. Sprinkle on sautéed greens, like chard or spinach, and to enliven bean and lentil soups.


Champagne Wine Vinegar

Exceptionally light and delicate with only 5.5% acidity, Kimberley Organic Champagne vinegar is made with the same Pinot Noir grapes used for the best California sparkling wines. Mix with light olive oil to dress citrus and avocado salad, tender greens, or use to deglaze the pan after sautéing poultry and seafood (add fresh rosemary or tarragon). Enjoy like sweet rice wine vinegar to enhance Asian vegetables and sauces. USDA Certified Organic.


Chardonnay Wine Vinegar

Organic Chardonnay wine gives this extraordinary white vinegar its robust, fruity taste with a hint of oak, not unlike sturdy French Burgundy. Use to make classic French vinaigrette for dressing delicate salad greens, and for potato, rice or pasta salads; chilled chicken and seafood dishes. Combine with olive oil and herbs for marinades, and use for classic Beurre blanc (French butter sauce). USDA Certified Organic..


Sherry Wine Vinegar

Palomino grapes grown in California’s fertile Central Valley produce the sweet and flavorful sherry wine used to make Kimberley’s Sherry vinegar. Aromatic and pleasantly tangy, this vinegar combines well with nut oils for dressing salads and raw vegetables; use with pan juices to complement pork, turkey and chicken; for cream sauces and soups (especially ones made with seafood), and for poaching fruit. Add to Asian dishes and use as a finish to sautéed greens and lentils. USDA Certified Organic.


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