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We are excited to announce the new Portfolio for the RQ2024 wines. Four beautiful wines from Italy and Germany.
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On Sale until September 29, while supplies last.
Pinot Grigio

Opens with citrus, floral and pear notes. Hints of citrus and green apple on the finish. The palate is elevated with its perfect harmony of fruit and crisp acidity.

From the En Primeur Winery Series Line.
Ready to bottle in 8 weeks.

SALE: 208.99
reg: 224.24

Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand

This renowned New Zealand wine presents soft hues in the glass. It is crisp and light with intense flavours of grapefruit peel, freshly cut grass and light oak on the finish.

From the Cru Select Line.
Ready to bottle in 7 weeks.

SALE: 189.99
reg: 205.24  

Winemaker’s Trio Red

A modern, new world style wine featuring a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Zinfandel. Aromas of vanilla, red berries and black cherries and sweet flavours of ripe raspberry, chocolate and cherry.

From the the En Primeur Winery Series Line.
Ready to bottle in 9 weeks.

SALE: 215.99  
reg: 231.24  


This classic Italian style wine is packed with rich raspberry, blackberry and cassis flavours. Deep, dark and inviting, the finish is long, lingering and full of ripe tannins.

From the Cru Select Line.
Ready to bottle in 7 weeks.

SALE: 197.99  
reg: 213.24  

Rosso Grande

Deep ruby-garnet colour and spicy oak aromas, bursting with vibrant flavours of ripe berries and black cherries. This is a classic, food-friendly Italian style red wine.

From the Cru Select Series Line.
Ready to bottle in 7 weeks.

SALE: 193.99  
reg: 209.24  


Deep and dark in colour with a rich bouquet of fruit and a hint of cassis, this is the Shiraz that put Australian wines on the map.

From the Cru Select Line.
Ready to bottle in 7 weeks.

SALE: 193.99  
reg: 209.24  

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Introducing RQ24’s Arte, a classic collection of crafted wines that are sure to inspire the artist in you.

Germany and Italy are home to some of the world’s most vibrant and iconic art styles. These old-world countries are coloured by a deep, rich history of architecture, signature art movements and famous landmarks which have influenced countless artists over the centuries.

Toast each masterfully rendered varietal – stylized by recognizable landmarks and signature artistic styles inspired by their country’s incredible art history.

The first varietal will be released January 2024 and a new varietal will be released every month, finishing in April.

Save $15.00

Save $15.00 on each wine plus
receive a gift basket of barrel-aged, organic, artisanal wine vinegars, valued at $75.00.

Pre-Orders must be secured with a $50.00 deposit per wine.

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Trebbiano Chardonnay
Release Date: January 2024

Oak: unoaked
Body: medium
Sweetness: dry

Italy’s complex Trebbiano Chardonnay draws inspiration from the opulent and iconic world of Baroque art. Just like Baroque is characterized by detailed ornamentation and intricate compositions, RQ24’s Trebbiano Chardonnay delivers crisp citrus flavours that are meticulously complemented by floral notes to create a luscious and stunning treasure. Sip this carefully crafted white blend and let yourself be transported to the streets of Rome, where the beauty of Baroque and the charm of the Trevi Fountain harmonize to create an unforgettable experience for both the senses and imagination.

Tasting Notes: A crisp medium-bodied refined wine showing citrus, lemon and apple notes with a slight savoury character. Some floral/herbal notes.

Food Pairings: A stunning compliment to Italian Cuisine including Portobello Bruschetta, Linguine alle Vongole and Roasted Chicken Risotto.

Pre-Order Price: 219.99
Regular Price: 234.99

Sangiovese Cabernet

Release Date: February 2024

Oak: medium
Body: medium
Sweetness: dry

Truly remarkable, this Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon from Italy pays homage to the masterpieces of the Renaissanc eart movement. Just as the Renaissance period was characterized by artistic expression and craftsmanship, RQ24’s Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon explores the firm tannins and intricately balanced depth of red fruit flavours to tantalize the palate with its dramatic intensity. Swirl a glass of this expressive red blend and escape to the era of Renaissance Italy, where art, history, and wine converge in perfect harmony with the masterpiece ofthe Colosseum.

Tasting Notes: This medium to full bodied wine has plum, blackcurrant, spice, and a slight licorice noteon the nose that carry through to the palate. Masterfully accompanied by firm tanninsfrom the oak.

Food Pairings: A delightful companion to wood-oven Pizza Margherita, Bistecca alla Fiorentinaor Penne Ragú alla Bolognese.

Pre-Order Price: 219.99
Regular Price: 234.99


Release Date: March 2024

Oak: unoaked
Body: light
Sweetness: dry

This extraordinary German Riesling embodies the versatility and intricate character of Expressionism. Just as Expressionist artists sought to evoke emotions and provoke thought through their bold brushstrokes and vivid colours, RQ24’s Riesling is an enticing sensory experience with its lively acidity, vibrant fruit flavours, and fine floral aromas. As you savour this bright white, immerse yourself in the picturesque Bavarian landscape, where the intensity of Expressionism fuses with the enchanting beauty of the Neuschwanstein Castle.

Tasting Notes: Refreshing acidity compliments this light bodied wine with pronounced citrus flavoursand subtle floral notes.

Food Pairings: Pairs exceptionally well with classic German dishes like Sauerbraten(pot roast), Spätzle(egg noodles) and Wiener schnitzel.

Pre-Order Price: 219.99
Regular Price: 234.99

Pinot Noir

Release Date: April 2024

Oak: medium
Body: medium
Sweetness: dry

Germany’s silky Pinot Noir is crafted with subtle artistic touches inspired by the Bauhaus movement. Just as Bauhaus design embraces clean lines, geometric forms, and minimalistic elegance, RQ24’s Pinot Noir holds a delicate balance of berry flavours, structured character and simple sophistication. Linger over this red’s soft tannins and journey to the heart of Berlin, where the aesthetic finesse of Bauhaus art and the timelessness of the Brandenburg Gateare echoed in every splendid sip.

Tasting Notes: This dry, elegant Pinot Noir gracefully balances ripe red berry fruits with the integration of soft oak tannins.

Food Pairings: A complimentary delight for popular German dishes including Roast Duck (Ente), Mushroom Stroganoff and Bratwurst.

Pre-Order Price: 219.99
Regular Price: 234.99

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