Order your fresh grapes and juice here, and pick them up right from our store.

For the discerning home brewer, Flying Fish Winery proudly imports the best quality fresh grapes and fresh grape juices you can find from California. Our whole grapes are shipped in 36 lb lugs (boxes) and our juices are shipped in 5 gallon pails or 45 gallon drums.

All white and blush juices include EC-1118 yeast. All red juices include KV1-1116 yeast.

Fresh grape & juice sales are closed for 2023. Join our mailing list below to get notified when 2024 sales open up next summer!

NEW in our store: delicious Kimberley artisan wine vinegars! Rich and refined with a distinct varietal wine flavor, Kimberley vinegars reflect the fertile soil and unique climate of California.

We can ship our Kimberley vinegars anywhere in Canada! However, we are not able to ship our juices, grapes or beer kits, so if you are buying those as well you’ll need to pick your order up at our store in Saanichton (near Victoria, BC, Canada).

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