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Category: White Wine

Happy Valentines! February 2019 Specials

Italian Pinot Grigio   186.87
Opens with citrus, floral and pear notes. Hints of citrus and green apple on the finish.The palate is elevated with its perfect harmony of fruit and crisp acidity.  Ready to bottle in 7 weeks.Italian Super Tuscan   192.15
An assertive wine with aromatics of fresh raspberries supported by subtle hints of vanilla and earth.A concentrated palate of blackberries and black pepper with firm tannins.  Ready to bottle in 9 weeks.
Winemaker’s Trio Red   197.43
A modern, new world style wine featuring a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Zinfandel. Aromas of vanilla, red berries and black cherries and sweet flavours of ripe raspberry, chocolate and cherry.  Ready to bottle in 9 weeks.
Australian Chardonnay   169.55
A classic style Chardonnay that is clean, crisp, and rich in varietal character with fruit flavours abound. It is golden-hued and slightly tart while flavours of vanilla and cloves tantalize the palate.  Ready to bottle in 7 weeks.Australian Cabernet Shiraz Merlot   172.55
These three noble grapes, grown in Australia’s warm climate, have produced an elegant wine with aromas of leather and black pepper and intense jammy flavours of blackberries.  Ready to bottle in 7 weeks.
Ontario Sauvignon Blanc   149.55
Straw in colour with a refreshing grassy nose; bold herbal tones and fresh citrus flavours on the palate.This wine is as delightful as a cool Ontario Fall day, its finish both long and fruity.  Ready to bottle in 6 weeks.Australian Cabernet Sauvignon   154.55
A classic Cabernet Sauvignon with a nose of blackcurrants, dark chocolate, and subtle toasty notes with hints of coffee and vanilla notes on the palate.  Ready to bottle in 6 weeks.
Pinot Grigio   121.55
A dry wine with overtones of green melon leading to a crisp, clean finish. A bouquet of honey and herbs completes the experience of this perennially favourite white.  Ready to bottle In 4 weeks.Merlot   126.55
A smooth, rich wine, medium dark in colour with notes of blackberry and currants. A hint of green olive in the bouquet will pleasantly surprise and delight you.  Ready to bottle in 4 weeks.

Happy New Year! – January 2019 Specials!

Argentinean Trio   169.55
This modern New World white blend highlights the apricot and floral notes of Viognier, the minerality of Riesling, and the tropical aromas of Chardonnay.  From our Cru Select Line, ready to bottle on 7 weeks.Australian Viognier Pinot Gris   169.55
This popular Australian white blend is extremely aromatic, opening with apricots and pear notes and finishing on a refreshing fruit forward note.  From our Cru Select Line, ready to bottle on 7 weeks.Italian Bella Bianco   169.55
This modern and bold Italian style white blend is extraordinarily rich, with buttery aromas and flavours that are balanced by lush tropical fruit and full oak character.  From our Cru Select Line, ready to bottle on 7 weeks.New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc   169.55
This renowned New Zealand wine presents soft hues in the glass. It is crisp and light, with intense flavours of grapefruit peel, freshly cut grass, and light oak on the finish.  From our Cru Select Line, ready to bottle on 7 weeks.

Gewürztraminer   121.55
Extremely spicy in flavour and aroma, this wine will tantalize any palate. It pairs well with all kinds of food, including spicy Asian style cuisine.  From our Grand Cru line, ready to bottle in 4 weeks.

January Red Wine Specials

California Syrah   154.55
Raspberries and peppery spice blend in harmony to create an elegant flavour with soft, balanced tannins and a lingering, smooth finish.This is a California wine at its best.  From our Cru International Line, ready to bottle in 6 weeks.Italian Sangiovese   154.55
Perhaps Italy’s best loved grape from Tuscany, this wine is expressive on the palate with lively cherry fruit and a brisk acidity supported by ample smooth tannins with a deep and lingering finish.   From our Cru International Line, ready to bottle in 6 weeks.Cabernet Sauvignon   129.55
A hint of violet is present in the bouquet, typical of this variety. It’s superbly enhanced with the addition of oak, and while it can be drunk young, it also does well with age.   From our Grand Cru Line, ready to bottle in 4 weeks.



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